Terrorism: What can common man do?

Whole world have been affected by terrorism from quite long time and even if we are not directly hit, we are mentally evacuated and have reached to a point from where it seems difficult to understand this phenomena and tolerate it further. We need to weed out the root cause of terrorism instead only addressing symptoms, like, catching few terrorists, punishing them and forgetting it till next tragedy happens.

It is not only the responsibility of few politicians, army men or bureaucrats but also the responsibility of each and every individual. It is a systemic problem and needs an active participation from everyone. Whole society must choose to grow as peaceful, loving, sacrificing society and handle the matter maturely. Wars do not eliminate terrorism; it only transfers the responsibility of terrorism to next generation. In short, we commoner need to rise up and do something about it.
If we look at the definition of terror, it is about spreading fear and anxiety among people. Terror has a global presence, even when a rogue creates fear among people, it is like terrorizing the people. We commoner need to take firm steps to eradicate roots of terrorism instead just waiting for someone else to answer. Below listed are few approaches which might help us in dealing with this issue:

1. Understand that terrorism does not have any religion, caste, creed, race

Terrorism is terrorism and it does not belong to any caste, religion etc. Terrorism is hatred against someone or against one system but path chosen to correct it is abominable. It’s about few people who either have been hurt deeply or spreading terror for some false motive and want to resent their feelings in an inappropriate manner. It was a very good move that Muslim Clerics denied to bury bodies of terrorists involved in Mumbai attacks and denied to accept them as Muslims. None of the religion teaches violence or explains terror than how can terrorists seem to follow any religion or creed. As a commoner, we need to be very careful while referring terrorism to any religion, caste, creed or race. Every human has good and evil inside, its all about, whom do we nurture. Let’s nurture the good side in self and everyone around us.

2. Role of money

Money is a good servant but a bad master – Aristodemus

We need to be cautious with money and do not let money rule us. Money in wrong hands can create havoc. Any person cannot hold / transact such large money in cash hence role of banks need to be scrutinized. We need to channelize these transactions, may be, bar online transfer of large amounts. Money hidden in some banks can be misused to buy deadly weapons. As a commoner, we should understand where our hard earned money is going. A kid or adolescent gone wrong, may misuse it and parents might not even come to know. It’s our responsibility to use money, not let money use us.

3. Sense of Community service

Society does not go down because of the activities of criminals but because of the inactivities of the good people – Swami Vivekananda

We live in a society and we grow or fall as a whole society. If we are making progress without giving back to society than parts of society, which could not grow, can bring everyone down.

I remember one scene from a Hindi movie where one builder wanted to grab a piece of land which belonged to one ashram where 100s of under privileged people had shelter and were living a calm life and the Guru Ji (Saint) denied builder that land at any cost. Builder threatened the Guru Ji that he can get him killed in 10000 Rs and that’s the cost of his life. In response to this, Guru Ji very softly reminded the builder that killing could have been possible in mere 1000 Rs if he had not opened this ashram. Guru Ji made a very interesting point on contribution to society or community. Guru Ji is providing shelters to many under privileged human beings and educating them in right direction which is helping the whole society otherwise those human beings would have been wandering and may have fallen in traps of rogues.

One cannot ignore the community in which they live in because community (or society) influences everyone’s thoughts and deeds. Many countries have mandated community service for a year or more and those societies have grown a lot. It’s high time that each commoner realizes it and start playing a role in community service.

4. Values based Education

We are the reflection of the education (or learning’s) we have got.

Education does not mean only degrees (obtained from school/college) but we are being educated every moment. Everyone learns so much from parents, relatives, friends, books, events, etc throughout the life hence its very important that we commoner provide right education to our kids and to our near ones and inculcate values. We must spread message of love, sacrifices, and selflessness. Current education systems focuses a lot on science, history, languages and there is less focus on soft skills, like, attitude building, teamwork, instilling values etc hence role of commoner becomes even more important to focus on softer aspects of life.

5. Lets start in small way

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. – Mahatma Gandhi

Let’s not worry about big steps and start in small way right now. Let’s share our care by helping and caring for people around us. Look around and we can find lots of opportunities to help others. Lets contribute to the community we live in, organize events where kids / adults can learn lessons of love, sacrifices. Indian history is full of sacrifices made by our ancestors, fore-fathers and we can take examples from that. Let’s take care of our neighborhood. Treat everyone with dignity. Introspect before blaming anyone. Help under privileged human beings in our surroundings. Let’s answer the hatred with love. Let’s control our anger and bring peace.

6. Raise voice against any kind of violence (or terrorism)

I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life. – Mahatma Gandhi

As a commoner, we must understand that violence is not the answer for violence or terrorism but at the same time, we should not be considered coward for our strong values. Let’s not tolerate injustice and raise the voice in appropriate way. Principles of Gandhi Ji are as relevant as they were during struggle for independence.

There are many more ways which commoner can adopt to eradicate the terror or terrorism from the earth. Above listed approaches are just reminders for everyone. I am sure that many of us are already doing their bit to grow society as a whole and would like them to continue it with passion.

Welcome to the non-violent, peaceful, prosperous, loving, happy world!!!

– Hariprakash

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