#SchoolFee: Minutes of meeting with MLA, Bommanahalli on 13-Aug

Minutes of Meeting with Honorable MLA Sri Sathish Reddy, Bommanahalli and Deputy Mayor Sri Ram Mohan Raju

Brief Background: Vibgyor school blocked access to online classes for many kids on 5th August. Read the background tale at http://vicharpravah.com/my-daughters-education-am-i-bad-parent/ and further regular updates at http://vicharpravah.com/our-attempts-to-get-justice-on-school-fee/

As planned on 9-Aug meeting with MLA, More than 10 parents met MLA Sri Sathish Reddy, Bommanahalli, Deputy Mayor, Mr. Muneer (AGM – Operations, Vibgyor) and Mr. Roshan D’Souza (Cluster Principal, Vibgyor) on 13-August at 12 PM at MLA Office, BDA Complex, HSR Layout, Bengaluru.

Mr. Muneer and Mr. Roshan came around 12:10 PM and about 5-6 parents were also there hence casual discussion started till MLA sir joined. Parents raised their concerns over unjustified fee and both listened to it with attention. Mr. Muneer shared about scholarship and mentioned that many parents had opted for it. Parents raised their doubts on data integrity, ITR forms requirement etc and mentioned that we are not looking for scholarship but value/justification for money. Mr. Muneer shared that they do not have authority to take such decisions and will talk to Mr. Rustom (CEO, VIBGYOR). I must say that we discussed it amicably.

Around 1 PM, MLA sir and Deputy Mayor joined us and had meetings with all Parents, VBG Mgmt. We listed 4 basic requirements from parents:

  1. Roll-back of hike
  2. No Annual Fee till proper justification
  3. Adjustment of whatever fee paid towards tuition fee
  4. Allow each and every kid to attend classes with dignity without prejudice

Mr. Muneer mentioned that “Association of Indian Schools” for which Vibgyor school is a member, has taken stay on Govt directive hence unless court order comes, we may not be able to do much.

MLA sir mentioned that Association should not have gone to court for genuine concerns of parents especially during Pandemic. Also, kids’ education should be priority for schools run by Trusts. You operate schools under Trust and do not show basic humanity even during pandemic. School should have followed Govt directive on Fees.

MLA sir continued that Why are you spoiling school name and setting wrong precedent for kids. Considering parents situation etc, there is hardly difference of 30% fee. Many schools have reduced fee while you are hiking fee. He mentioned that Parents of another school also approached and school reduced fee by almost 50%. He said that he would support parents in this case and suggested them to talk to higher authorities and make this happen in a day. All these years Govt did not interfere between parents and school, now it had to due to Covid so it passed orders.

MLA continued that Let’s not think about profit this year. This is not the time to think about it. So many schools are there in bangalore which have reduced 50% total fee and few schools are charging just 10 to 15%. We all know how much cost it takes to run online classes. How much of knowledge will you impart in kids with these 2 to 3 hr online classes that you are charging full fee? Parents want value for their money. This one year, listen to parents. So many have lost jobs, so many different sources of incomes have gone. Respect parents as because of them only schools are running. Already so many complaints are there on VIBGYOR but we are trying to keep calm because you are giving education to kids. 

VBG Mgmt brought up the scholarship scheme for which MLA sir commented that “Please don’t even talk about it. You don’t have the right to judge their financial capabilities. Don’t insult them by asking their income details”.

Meeting ended on positive note that VBG mgmt would talk to their chairman and inform us in 1-2 days.

I hope that good sense prevail on VBG Mgmt and they restore parents confidence in them. 

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