How to use RTI for Khatha related issues?

Most of the properties owner at Bangalore understands that there is something called ‘Khatha’ which they need to obtain from BBMP for their property. Many of these property owner faces multiple hurdles in getting khatha what is supposed to be an easy job. At times, to obtain khatha, one needs to pay good amount of bribe however we realized that there is a way to get khatha without paying bribe with the use of RTIs. Many people do have unique scenarios and even no body knows answers for these. We have found that RTI is effective in many cases to nail down these issues hence we thought of providing steps on how to file RTI with respect to Khathas.

What is RTI?
RTI – Right to Information Act. Passed by the Govt of India in year 2005 allows an Indian Citizen to access any government information which falls under the public domain purview. All information related to National Security and deemed sensitive do not fall under RTI Act. In our view, this is the most powerful tool to create transparency in Government work. In absence of transparency, corruption breeds.

One can obtain any government information pertaining to self or the general public. This can be done by filing an RTI Application to the concerned authority (See references section). There is neither specified format nor any special skill to write an RTI application. It can be written in plain English.

Links to refer for information about RTI

Steps to File RTI
  1. Every government (State & Central) department is bound by law to create a RTI cell in their offices including BDA/BBMP and they do have one. The same is published in their website and to read this, Please Click Here. Please note the RTI officer details to whom you can file the RTI. Even in the absence of RTI officer, you can directly write to the concerned authority of the department and that person should impart the information you seek.
  2. One may write the RTI using the templates available below:
  3. One needs to attach 10 Rs postal order (Cash is not accepted) towards fee. One may get postal order from any post office.
  4. There is a form available with BBMP office and one needs to fill that and enclose your quesionnaire (or written RTI) with the form. Click Here to get the soft copy of this form. You should know your ward number which will be needed to fill the form.
  5. The RTI to BBMP can be filed to the respective officer in two ways. 
    1. First Method: Personally handover the RTI to the RTI officer in the respective government office. Pls ensure you carry a copy of the RTI, obtain an acknowledgment from the RTI officer after submitting the RTI. The acknowledgment can be as simple as a copy of the RTI signed and sealed by the RTI officer, with date.
    2. Second Method: RTI can also be sent by Speed Post with acknowledgment. The acknowledgment of the Speed Post is a proof of receipt. The RTI should be addressed to the RTI officer.
  6. One should receive the response to the RTI in 30 working days. In case you do not receive the reply you can put a complaint to the state CIC (next level of escalation). The state CIC can also be approached if the response to your RTI is inadequate or insufficient or ambiguous.

Information on already filed RTIs and Responses to them
  1. Mr. Shireesh, residing at Akme Harmony Apartments on Sarjapur Road wished to use the khata registration form available on BBMP website for his khatha application but when he went for khatha form submission than he was informed that downloaded forms from internet can not be used. Mr. Shireeshthought of filing an RTI to understand that why form has been put up on BBMP website if its not been accepted by BBMP itself. One can find the RTI filed here. Mr. Shireesh did receive the response and he also informed that one of the fellow resident who also had filed the same RTI on the same day with him, has received the response form BBMP. According to it, the application form available on the website is just for information purpose and cannot be used for official purpose.
  2. In response to the RTI filed seeking information on status of khata registration, RTI activist ‘Vidyasagar Magdum’ got a response that his khatha file is already under progress and it was done within one week of RTI response.
  3. In response to the RTI filed seeking clarification on documents required for the Khata registration/transfer, RTI activist ‘Vidyasagar Magdum’ got a response and documents needed for khatha registration are available at this link.
  4. Many apartment owners do not receive occupancy certificate even after building is completed for more than 2-3 years and some of the residents in Suncity facing this problem did get an answer from one of the BBMP Joint Commisioner and he informed that, one should also have occupancy certificate from BDA to get A-khatha. If any flat owner do not possess Occupancy Certificate than they can apply for B-Khatha only.

Where to file RTI
Please find addresses to file RTI on Khatha for your area at  BDA website at this link: 

Other links to know about Khatha application process etc

We request all to file RTI in case of insufficient information or one wishes to know about betterment charges or wants information on what are the documents needed for khatha or one wishes to know the status of their khatha applications. Let’s not rely on anyone other than BDA/BBMP to provide this information through RTI and utilize RTI response for khatha application.

We also suggest that RWAs (Residents Welfare Associations) or collection of people can file RTIs collectively to reduce burden on BDA/BBMP for almost similar queries/grievances etc. One can share their response on RTIs with us ( so that we can provide that information for everyone’s benefit.

Thanks to all who are taking this path to get their khatha done. 

Hariprakash Agrawal (with the help of Mr Vidyasagar and Mr Shireesh)
Disclaimer: Above article is for information purpose. Author and team involved does not hold any liability hereafter. 
Note: We request you to share with us your RTI experience related to Khatha issues so that everyone can get benefit from it.

7 thoughts on “How to use RTI for Khatha related issues?

  1. Sunil Kumar says:

    I don’t no how to file the RTI

    people are know about the RTI act but they don’t no what is processor so pleace tell to the people what is the processor.

    • admin says:

      Dear Mr Sunil,

      I have modified the steps above and hopefully, you can understand it better. Pls click on the links provided in this article to understand the complete process.

      Thanks and Regards,

  2. Manoj says:

    Thanks for the informative article, which otherwise difficuilt to get from actual books. I will now use this to get the information from BDA about land they acquired.

  3. Vijay says:


    We in apartments applied for Khata on the same day, it is more that 6 months now. Whether we can send one RTI form instead of everyone sending the same.

    Your information is very useful.


    • admin says:

      Pls file RTI and anyone of you can file RTI in the beginning and check for response. You can also attach a document in the RTI with acknowledgment numbers of all. Also, attach the acknowledgment receipt of all the khatha applicant. Lets see the response or you all can file separate RTI for each later.

      – Hariprakash

  4. Basant says:

    I have applied for e khata 6months ago visiting one of the village panchayath office( karnataka)but had not taken acknowledgement & now they are not giving printout and asking for bribe..what i shouod do now , how to file rti. Can i request for e khata printout through rti?

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