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Few of us might feel that being a common man, we cannot do anything against corruption, but here is a small opportunity to fight against corruption. One can also get useful information on Khata Registration.

Kudos to a team which worked together and achieved Khata Registration at Bangalore where bribe takers (I don’t call them officials because it is a reputed word for honest officers) are blooming. The team involved few Suncityites, Vidyasagar, Harshad, Sanjeev Suman, Renjith Chitharanajan and Dayanand (FYI, Suncity Apartments has >1150 flats near Sarjapur Junction, Bangalore) who struggled/fought for 4 months to get their khata registration while it should not take more than 1 month provided we have officials. Lets get to the topic.


What is Khata?
Khata is the recording of one’s property in the books of the Government (here BBMP). When one registers Sale Deed with the BDA, it is just an agreement between the seller and the buyer but when the Khata (of the property) is registered/transferred to one’s name, it means the property is in the current owner’s name in the government books. This also identifies the person / persons (on whose names the Khata is registered or transferred) who are primarily responsible for paying the tax.

For new flats, the type of Khata is called Khata Registration, since one has purchased the flat from a builder and the Khata would be generated/created for the first time. If one has bought a pre-owned flat, it would be classified as Khata Transfer. Khata registration is also a process which identifies the value of the property and guidance for calculation of the tax every year thereon.


How many days are required for Khata Registration?
7 working days if property belongs to:
  1. BDA / Karnataka Housing Board Layouts
  2. If Existing Khata is registered with BBMP

30 working days if property belongs to:

  1. BDA approved areas
  2. Apartments ( new Khata is created )
  3. Merging and Bifurcating of Khatas
  4. Gramthana and Revenue sites


What are the necessary documents to be submitted along with the Khata Registration form?
As of the date of writing this document (Republic Day, 26-Jan-2009) here are the list of documents:

  1. Current khata document (which is the existing Khata)
  2. BDA Approved plan
  3. Notarized copy of the Sale Deed
  4. Encumbrance Certificate (for last 5 years)
  5. Any other documents (subject to RTI as mentioned in References section link 3)

One can also file an RTI to BBMP commissioner seeking clarification on documents required for the Khata registration/transfer. Typical Template for information purpose can be accessed here.


What is RTI?
RTI – Right to Information Act. Passed by the Govt of India allows an Indian Citizen to access any government information which falls under the public domain purview. All information related to National Security and deemed sensitive do not fall under RTI Act. In our view, this is the most powerful tool to create transparency in Government work. In absence of transparency, corruption breeds.

One can obtain any government information pertaining to self or the general public. This can be done by filing an RTI Application to the concerned authority (See references section). There is neither specified format nor any special skill to write an RTI application. It can be written in plain English.


Procedure to Register Khata :

  1. Obtain the Encumbrance Certificate (EC): File for an EC at any BDA office. The fee is usually 55 Rs only. One has to carry a copy of the Sale Deed along with. The EC is handed in 4-6 working days.
  2. Obtain Notarized copy of the sale deed: Near to BDA office, one can also find many notaries who does this work and charges reasonable fee. Entire Sale deed is notarized anywhere between Rs 80 – 100. Agents normally charge Rs 5-10 per page which comes to 200 Rs or above.
  3. Obtain Current khata from builder or earlier owner
  4. Purchase a Khata transfer / Registration form available at any BBMP office e.g. Bommanahalli, Belandur BBMP office. Its value is Rs 10 and generally sold at the same value.
  5. Obtain copy of BDA approved plan (available with builder or one should get it at the time of booking the flat or registering the flat).
  6. Fill the Khata Registration form (very simple and easy)
  7. Submit the Filled Khata Registration form at the BBMP office (for Suncity, it is in Belandur). Most important point to remember is to obtain the sealed acknowledgment after submitting. The acknowledgment is one of the sheets in the Khata Registration / Transfer form. (Note : Refuse to pay any bribe while submitting the form. The bribe could be Rs 50 for issuing acknowledgment to Rs 10,000 for doing the Khata work. Don’t be nervous, over the next pages, we will inform how can one be safe by refusing to pay the bribe and still get the Khata registered.)
  8. Once acknowledgment is issued, Please visit the BBMP office and ask for a status of the Khata Registration application. Don’t be cowed down by demands for different documents to be submitted. Any documents demanded by the BBMP office, over and above those listed above, and validated by the RTI is illegal to ask and just a means to harass you and tire you down. Challenge the BBMP officers. (Ex : They asked us BDA NOC for Khata Registration, which is not required. The officer mentioned receiving a circular from BBMP commissioner which requires us to submit BDA NOC. We asked for a copy of the circular and he kept quiet).
  9. Visit the BBMP office once every 15 days just to do your part of the duty. Don’t be bothered whether they are doing the work. Do this activity for about 1.5 to 2 months, thus making 3-4 formal visits during this duration.
  10. After 2 months if there is still no activity then file the RTI to seek information on status of khata registration. Typical Template for information purpose can be accessed here.
  11. If everything has gone smooth (after Step 7) then here’s how the actual procedure works.
  12. The BBMP Revenue Incharge and Assistant Revenue Officer personally visits the property to assess the property. Please note that if the property is assessed as commercial read as ‘Rented Out’ the property tax is twice the normal property tax.
  13. After the property is assessed BBMP formally communicates this mentioning the property dimensions (in sq feet), its value as per BBMP assessment and the tax liability thereon. One is also provided with a notice mentioning the same and informing you to pay the Khata Registration fee – 2% of the property values as Khata Registration fee (this is 2% of the value mentioned in the Sale deed).
  14. Once you pay the Khata Registration fee, in about 1-2 weeks, one receives the notice for paying the pending property tax. Without this the Khata Extract will not be issued in your name. But if you have reached this point it means CONGRATS ! Khata has been technically registered on your name.
  15. Once one has paid the Property Tax (difference amount in Property Tax in case you have already paid ) the Khata Extract is issued in the property’s holder name. As we understand the official fee for issuing the Khata Extract is Rs 100.
That’s all, friends. Khata Registration is done and if one has followed above mentioned steps, one can save anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000. Also one contributes majorly in fighting against Corruption. Go ahead, Give it a try.

Also as a goodwill gesture, Please donate saved amount to any orphanage or an NGO, so that we can continue adding value and improve sense of community service.


References / Other good articles
– Hariprakash Agrawal
(On behalf of the above mentioned team and special thanks to Vidyasagar for writing above steps)

Disclaimer: Above article is for information purpose. Author and team involved does not hold any liability hereafter.

41 thoughts on “About Khata Registration / Transfer

  1. xx says:

    Step 12 is corruption

    Thanks for writing this, a fight against corruption. But your step 12 is personal corruption.

  2. Sandeep says:

    I just have been asked 12000 to get the katha done in bangalore

    Thanks for listing out the steps i was trying to find more information on this as i need to get the katha transfer done in my name. i was asked around 12000 + case worker charges (they told that there are 4 tables through which it has to go through). i came back telling that i will let them know. i decided to get it done without paying any bribe. i will post how things works out

  3. anonymous says:

    About Khata Registration / Transfer

    Is the administrative fee for khata transfer:

    2% of property value ?


    2% of registration fee for registration of Sale Deed?


    2% of stamp paper value (of the Sale Deed)?

    The BBMP website says “2% of stamp paper value” But it does not say stamp paper for which document.(Any document can be executed on a stamp paper – for example Title Deed ). So I am guessing it is the Sale Deed. Please confirm

  4. Gouthaman says:

    Khatha Transfer from Bellandur

    Hello Hariprakash, 
    This is great news. Congratulation!. I am also in the similar situation.  

    • I have purchased land in layout on Sarjapura road, where there are about 250 plots and 100+ owners have built house and residing for few years now?.
    • When I bought the plot, I had applied for the Khatha transfer and I was told Sakaram will in progress and will process your Khatha. Since then I am waiting (almost 2yrs now).  
    • We do not have BDA approval since it was under gram panchayat. I would appreciate if you can kind enough to clarify few questions. 
      Is it still possible to use your method and hope for some success?.
    • Would you be kind enough to provide your contact details?. 

    Thanks and hoping for your reply 

    • admin says:

      Answer to Q1: Do file an RTI and wait for the response. If you file an RTI then at least, you will have a record that you did take some step and it is pending on BDA/BBMP/CMC side.

      Answer to Q2: You may write to admin@vicharpravah.com and we will respond to that with whatever we know. Unfortunately, we cannot see your email-id in our database.


  5. Ravi says:

    khata transfer for payment of property transfer

    I have given a plot of land for rent to keep a petrol bunk ..The lesee has a dealership with indian oil corporation(IOC).
    NOW THE FACT IS, IOC people are telling that,make us a separate khata certificate in lessee name upto the duration of aggreement to this plot area, since we have given dealership to this lessee,we (IOC) by itself pay the tax for BBMP.
    my question is there any rule that khata certificate can be in the name of lesse for that plot area upto the duration of aggreement and later comes back to my name as i am the owner of land..





    • admin says:

      I am not sure what do you mean by holder khatha? Does it mean that earlier owner had done khatha for the flat/land and now, you have purchased so you want to change it to your name?

  7. Murali Kannan says:

    How to get Khata

    My builder had not given me the holder khata. In our apartment no one has the khata as the betterment charges from the builder is not being paid yet. In this cases how to get the khata? Secondly many residents in our apartment had already paid the property tax? Whats the basic rule for property tax payments.

  8. Arvind says:


    Thank you for setting an example when so few are willing to take a stand to uphold their principles. I do have a few questions however:
    1. how did you manage to find the approximate turn around time for each stage of the Khata registration process?
    2. Is there a procedure we can use to find out the turn around time for other govt. related processes (so that we can use that to file RTI applications in a timely manner)?

    Thanks again and Hope everything goes well for you.

  9. Nagraj R says:


    Dear Mr. Hariprakash Agarwal,

    I do not want to bother you with any details regarding Khatha etc., as I do-not have a house in Bangalore nor propose to buy one.

    This message is purely meant to CONGRATULATE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR THE EXCELLENT WORK YOU ARE DOING. I am also very APPRECIATIVE of the perseverance you have exhibited in doing a remarkable job working with Government officials.

    This story was reported in to-day’s (28/078/2009) issue of ‘Bangalore Mirror’. I felt extremely happy to read the report. I wish you and your team, many more successes in your future endeavors.

    In as much as you have studied Right to Information Act, can you please tell me, whether a parent can ask for the bio-data of an employee in a firm both Indian and MNCs under RTI. When we are looking for marriage alliances there are cases where the parents themselves tell lies about the official status of their wards or the boy or girl furnishing wrong residential addresses and wrong parents (In case of love marriages) . As the firms appointing people spend considerable time and money in running the background check of an employee, it would be useful if the information can be obtained from the employer under RTI.

    You may please send this information at your leisure to my mail ID – nagaraj_r@yahoo.com.

    Have a nice day.

    With warm regards and wishing you all the best.

    R. Nagaraj

  10. Krishna Kumar says:

    Great work Team!!!! I will also give a hard try..

    great work, team.. You have set a trend and you can be sure that atleasta few will accept you all as role model. Seems like these details where furnished around Jan and now only after bangalore mirror reported only many people came to know. Thanks to Bangalore mirror for reporting this news.

    When you have acheived some thing every one would love to know, it would be great if you can publish this and make it a news so that many more will be benefitted.

    Good work guys.. hats off to you..

  11. Rakshit Singhal says:

    I promise

    I promise that I would get my khata registered without paying any bribe. No matter how long it takes. No matter how hard I have to fight.

    Please consider this as my tribute to your effort.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rakshit Singhal

  12. admin says:

    Meeting regd Khatha queries on 8-Aug-09, 10 AM at 16/003, Suncity Apts near Sarjapur junction


    Thanks for your encouraging response and as we have got multiple requests from various apartments hence we have scheduled a session to answer queries on khatha at 10 AM on coming Saturday (8-August-09) at flat # 003, Zing block, Suncity Apts, Ibblur near Sarjapur Junction. Pls make use of it and be on time as we have hard stop at 11:30 AM.

    We will also discuss how collectively an association can help residents of their apartments in getting khatha done without paying any bribe. It is a long battle but let’s start the journey.

    Hariprakash & Vidyasagar

  13. Jaya says:

    Another success story from A senior lady Ms Jaya Parameshwar

    Below is another success story from A senior lady Ms Jaya Parameshwar which she shared with us yesterday…

    Hi Hari,
    After writing to you the last E mail I went to Bommanahalli office taking my RTI form dully filled and the postal order. I met deputy commissioner Mr Ramakrishna and fortunately the person who deals with my application was also there. DC spoke to him and asked him to send the file next day immediately. This was aturning point. The file was immediately sent to Bommanahalli the very next day. Approval took one day by the DC and after two days my application was sent back to Konnankunte.
    This was on 1st of August. I paid the 2% fees in DD. Today I got my Khata registration document. I am asked to come again to collect Khata certificate and Khata Extract after 5 days.
    So the total time taken was 3 months. It was a marathon effort and many a times in between I felt like leaving out of the race but your website and encouraging words kept me going.
    Thanks a lot to you and Vidhyasagar also. I did not give a single naya paisa to anybody and whenever I enter the office people talk to me politely and do my work as fast as they can but I wish everyboy’s work should be done the same way as mine.
    Best wishes

  14. Abhishek says:

    Registration of new flat from Builder

    Hi Hari,
    I am kind of become so hopeful about the world after reading all these posts. Kudos. May god bless you.
    I am facing one problem from my builder. He is asking 30000 rupees for bribing stamp and registration dept official at Sub Registrat office at KR Puram for registring a flat i bought from him. This inspite of the fact that I have already paid 30000 rupees towards legal expenses which is mentioned in the sale agreement and included in total cost. If you have any idea about what documents are required for the registration and how to go about it, can you kindly share for benefit of me and people like me in general?

  15. PVNS Prakash says:

    would like to meet you people….in Khata transfer, from prakash (Resient of Goldenwoods appartments)

    Hi Hari and Vidyasagar,

    First we would like to appreciate you guys for the great job you had done and you shown the way to others to make society bribe free.

    second , we our golden woods appartments owners association would like to meet you guys on to get more clarifications to get khata for our flats..infact after we seen your article in bangalore mirror we stopped our khata process with broker and taken insipration from you people.

    Please let us know when can we meet you guys . is it ok on 29th or 30th Aug.

    Thank you,
    PVNS Prakash,

  16. Pawan Wadhva says:

    Boss you have set an example to Make corruption Free INDIA

    Hi Boss,

    Boss you have set an example to Make corruption Free INDIA .

    I m also leading a group who owns flat in my DLF society & will take your help whenever required .

    Although we have achieved a lot by group ( Like Corporate Discount, Recession Discount , Increasing late delivery of possession Charges)

    Pawan Wadhwa
    MBM 2001

  17. Arul says:

    BDA Khata to BBMP Khata, Property Tax

    Dear Friend Thankyou so much for sharing your valuable thoughts. I own One BDA Site in Chudenapura Village, Kengeri Hobli and one apartment in Old Airport Road. I payed Rs 15000 as a bribe to get Khata for my BDA site and Rs 10000 to get Khata to my apartment. (total 20 flats are there in my apartment all pay 10K each) If this thing I know before (year back) I can able to save that money, anyways atleast the peoples are aware now.

    I want to share my sick story inline with this topic.

    (Please note I don’t know Kanada, with out knowing Kanada dealing these officers in BBMP is very very very difficult, easily they are making me fool to get bribe)

    After a very long struggle I manage to find which zone my BDA Site is located.

    I went to Pay Property tax for my BDA Site in Kengeri Hobli BBMP Tax Collection Help Centre; it starts with bribe of Rs 10 to security to know where the officer is. Then I met the office and he referred me to the other tax collection centre which is in Mailasandra. I went there and learned from the office that I cannot pay tax to a BDA site which is not having the BBMP Khata number.

    Then I asked him how to pay the tax?

    He told “you hv to pay Rs 40000 as a Development charges to BBMP and you can get the BBMP khata and then you can pay the tax”

    To enquire about BBMP Khata I went to BBMP Ward office, Citizen Service Centre in Madiwala. There one person saw my sale deed and BDA khata papers and said “boos this is a very difficult task” “I will refer one person you go and meet him” office dialed his mobile phone, after 5 mins one person came, office told “go with him he will tell you what need to be done”
    That person again saw my documents and said it will cost Rs 20000 + what ever the BBMP development charges. I Disappointed and come back home, I didn’t take his contact information also (after hearing this my mind fails to work)

    Then I googled and fount your article

    Please advice me the following questions
    Q1. I have a BDA Khata, How to get the BBMP Khata?
    Q2. What is the development charge I have to pay to BBMP? It is yearly I have to pay?
    Q3. How can I pay the Property Tax? (I bought this site in 2007, I never pay tax sofar)

    • Vidyasagar Magdum says:

      BDA Khata to BBMP Khata, Property Tax

      Please advice me the following questions

      Q1. I have a BDA Khata, How to get the BBMP Khata?
      Reply : Arul I dont think you need a BBMP Khata after having a BDA khata, pls enquire at the local BBMP & BDA office. If you do not get a favourable answer you can file an RTI with BBMP and seek a reply for the same query.

      Q2. What is the development charge I have to pay to BBMP? It is yearly I have to pay?
      Reply : You have to pay yearly development for charges, these details can be obtained from the nearest BBMP office. Also I would suggest you search for such information on their website http://www.bmponline.org

      Q3. How can I pay the Property Tax? (I bought this site in 2007, I never pay tax sofar)
      Reply : Pls visit the nearest BBMP office to pay the property tax, carry a copy of your registration deed when you visit the office. The BBMP officers will help you pay the property tax. The property tax information is also available on the website http://www.bmponline.org

  18. Murthy says:

    Khatha Bifurcation

    Is there any rules and regulation for khata bifurcation any ACT under BBMP or revenue department(Set of section under law)

    • Vidyasagar Magdum says:

      Is there any rules and regulation for khata bifurcation any ACT under BBMP or revenue department(Set of section under law)
      Reply : Mr Murthy I am not knowledgable in rules for Khata bifurcation. You could try searching the BBMP website http://www.bmponline.org. Alternately you can file an RTI to BBMP seeking the same information. The RTI sample is attavhed with this article. You can change the questions and use the same format.

  19. Vidyasagar Magdum says:

    I am unware of Khata Holder to Khata owner conversion process. Pls enquire at the nearest BBMP office, if you are do not get correct or sufficient information, pls file an RTI seeking information about the same.







  21. Mrs. Kalika Bali says:

    Khata for new apartments

    Dear Mr. Hariparakash,
    We are a group of residents of an apartment block seeking to register our khatas without paying any bribe. We had earlier been thinking of going down the bribe-and-get-it-done route but after reading about your story in the papers, like many others here, we have also been inspired to go through this without paying any bribe.
    Would it be possible to discuss some of the issues regarding this with you on the phone or if we could invite you over to talk to our group ? We are in extreme North (the exact opposite end of the city) so may be a telephone conversation might be better.
    Please do let me know if and how we can call you.
    Thanks and Regards

  22. Chander says:

    khata for pre-owned un-transferred flat

    Bravo! How do we do a khata when our previous owner never transferred the flat to his own name? It was not formally registered in his name after he bought it from the builder. Please help!

  23. Deepal G says:

    Khata Registration

    Dear Hariprakash Agrawal,

    I want to applaud you for initiating a corruption free India.

    Your step by step instruction on Khata registration and transfer will be helpful to many. I have gained knowledge and know what to expect as I initiate my Khata registration soon.

    Deepal G

  24. Dinseh Hegde says:

    khata transfer

    please help. i purchased newly constructed house from builder in apr 2006. i have been paying property tax. due to confusion between me and
    my lawyer, khata transfer never got initiated from builder’s name to my
    name. i hope i can still do the khata transfer now? i read somewhere that
    it must be done within 3 months of the sale?

    • admin says:

      Dear Mr. Dinesh,

      I know some individuals who have not done khatha registration from last 4 years and nothing has happened to them however one must pay property tax regularly. Khatha gets delayed from BBMP itself and for some files, I learnt that BBMP itself took more than a year without paying bribe.

      In my experience, you need not to hurry for khatha registration but you should start the process and you may follow the steps mentioned above to get your khatha. You do not need anybody (like, lawyer etc) for this work however if you are hard pressed on time, you may choose to get help from someone.


  25. Ruth says:

    Joint Khata


    We have a family property and the khata is in my Grandfather’s name. Grandfather died in the year 1988. Unfortunately the Khata has not been changed. The Property tax is paid upto date.
    Now there are 7 members (Sisters and Brothers) heirs to this property.

    My questions are :
    1.Can we get the Khata transfered to all the 7 members?
    2. Is there any peniality charged since the Khata has not been transfered for the past 22years.
    3. Since the property is now for sale, appreciate if you could let me know a checklist of documents needed.

    Thanks and regards,

    • admin says:

      I really do not know the answer for these queries. May be, you need to approach BBMP office for better answers. Pls share if you get answers so that it can benefit someone else.

      – Hariprakash

  26. Biddappa says:

    You are a role model

    Hi, I just purchased a site and had to pay a bribe of Rs. 10000 as bribe.Disgusting. We have to pay them to do what is “Their JOB”. I felt disgusted. No wonder they are the elite rich. Now I need to get a Khata Transfer and I have heard that I need to pay around Rs 10000 as bribe. I read your article and this is very encouraging. I hate to pay bribes. My only issue is I may be going abroad in the coming week and my wife will be here for a month or so. I think it will be very difficult for her to follow up. Please advise.

    • admin says:

      I understand that its difficult to follow-up however you may approach the newly elected corporater for the same. These processes do take time and please take your own decision considering the constraints you have.

      – Hariprakash

  27. Gangadhara says:

    IS there any time limit for Khatha transfer

    Guys, I

    purchased an apartment in 2006.The builder was supposed to get the Khatha transfer done to my name. Builder had also charged for it.

    Till today I have not got any document and am not able to get hold of the builder.

    What could be the better thing to do.

    1. I do not know if the builder has transferred and khata or not. What I need to verify this.

    2. Should I apply for khatha transfer, does it create any problem because it nearly 4 years after I purchased the apartment.

    Desperately in need of advice.


  28. Jagdish Rao says:

    Grampanchyat Khata


    I have taken an apartment at Uttarahalli. Since it was a revenue site, I got the Khata transferred in my name. Now the area is notified by the Govt. to be included under the corporation. We are yet to see any communication though in this regard. We are also yet to get notice to pay the betterment charges. I have paid the property tax for 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11.

    From the discussions above, I understand that to make a khata now in my name under the corporation, this would be Khata Registration. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Further, I took help of the same person who had arranged for my earlier khata transfer. He says it will be Rs 18,000/- Is it justified ? What would happen if I delay this process by a year or two ?

    Thanks in advance,



  29. Matilda J.K says:

    Great website! instead of pointing fingers at each other, this website shows how we can take ownership and do our little bit! Thanks!

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