Parents – How to raise complaint against Unjustified School Fee?

We are sharing here information for Parents whose kids study in Private schools at Karnataka. As a parent, if you believe that your kids’ school is demanding unfair, unjustified fee and blocking education to your kids than you may continue to read this article.

As per Karnataka Government Circular 32544 dated 24-Apr-2020, another on dated 28-Apr-2020 and specific notice C5/Shulka Vasuli/01/2020-21 dated 19-May-2020 and subsequent circulars reiterating the same, school can only take un-hiked tuition fee from parents.

If due to non payment of fees and non-co-operation of school to accept tuition fee of AY 2019-2020, school expels children or threatens to do so or disables online access or refuses to provide TC (Transfer Certificate) than parents may raise their grievances to multiple forums and authorities as mentioned in this article.

Many parents have already taken a stand and have taken multiple actions which have brought some results already. Do read more details HERE.

Block Education Officers (BEOs)

At first, You MUST write to Block Education Officer (BEO) of your ward or constituency and may keep Deputy Director of Public Instruction (DDPI) in loop. You may get names, email-ids, phone numbers from .

E.g. For Bengaluru South Parliamentary Constituency, following information is available on above website.

Name & Designation of the OfficerPhone & Fax NoMobile NoeMail Address
DDPI, Bangalore South
P : 080-26701189 
F : 080-26705692
M :
TALUK NAMEBEO Name & AddressPhone/FaxMobile NoeMail Address
Bangalore South
Bangalore South
Bangalore South 3Mathi Gowda
Bangalore South

Also, you may visit BEO office in person and share the complaint letter with evidences and get acknowledgement. Take 2 copies of the complaint, one for getting the acknowledgement from Tapal section of BEO office. The BEO office will conduct a inspection by visiting the school and make a report and take necessary action.

Karnataka or National Commission of Child Rights

You can write to “Karnataka State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR)” on their email-id,, and they have taken actions in few cases as we know.

You may write a letter and take print-outs of various evidences of blocked education by schools and submit in person at the office of KSCPCR. The address is mentioned at, .

You may write to Chairperson of “National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)” on mail id, as well.

Do mark your school email-id and authorities (e.g. Principal etc) if you wish as it keeps them also under pressure.

Karnataka Education Department

You may escalate matter to officials from Karnataka Education Department – Primary and Secondary Education. If you kids is in primary classes than you may get address, email-id, phone numbers etc from

If your kid is in secondary education than you may get address, email-id, phone numbers etc from

Commissioner for Public Instruction

You may escalate it further by writing to office of Commissioner for Public Instruction, for which addresses, email-ids and phone numbers can be taken from .

Honorable Education Minister, Karnataka

As a next step, you may write to honorable education minister office or even meet his office in person. Some parents have already met them and he has been already looking into the matter. Education Minister details are below:

Shri. S. Sureshkumar,
Hon’ble Minister to the Primary and Secondary Education and Sakala and chamarajapet district incharge Minister
Phone : 080-22253631, Email Id :,

You may also write to Principal Secretary whose details are mentioned below:

Shri. S.R. Umashankar, I.A.S
Principal Secretary to the Government,
Department of Primary and Secondary Education Department
Email Id :
Cell : +91 9448100100, Phone/fax : 080-22032560

Notes or Appeal to Parents

We humbly suggest parents to not succumb to pressure from private schools especially for kids in primary or pre-primary classes. Kids education is always very important however same time, un-justified fee issue needs to be tackled. There are various forums to raise the grievances and with some patience, it would definitely bring desirable outcome. Do join telegram group for Karnataka Private Schools, “Voice of Parents”, at, if you have more queries. 100s of parents can answer your queries. We are strength to each other and collectively, we can make a positive difference.

16 thoughts on “Parents – How to raise complaint against Unjustified School Fee?

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  2. Sipra says:

    Reduce school fees…bcz kids r now home only..for this online class we want good internet connection extra device for attend classes ..also parents r also involve with kids

  3. Kumar says:

    though Govt has passed the order to reduce 30% school fees… Insight acadamy Vasanthapura is least bother about govt order and forcing parents to pay the full fees.. Please help

  4. Swarup Deshpande says:

    Bangalore Pvt schools collecting huge fees inspite of the fact that we are still in Covid pandemic situation.
    The economy is in problem. Loss of jobs. No source of income and school conducted online classes with poor quality of education and still hiked fees 30 % and more. .

  5. Bob says:


  6. Bhanu says:

    Adding so much fees on unnecessary things like school. Uniforms, bags, socks, field. Trips, maintenance charges… Last year also we have taken all the above items which we haven’t used till now but again schools are forcing to take all again. School fee also incremented this year. Don’t know how to manage….

  7. Shruthisumanth says:

    Please take necessary steps to reduce the school fee,for only 3 hour online class we cant pay so much

  8. SRINIVASA.V says:

    Hi, Our children are studying in Gopalan National School (Near Hoodi, Bangalore), from tomorrow school is starting online classes, since we have paid only 70% of tuition fees for last academic year, school has blocked our children from login, this they have done for many students, though the Karnataka government is ordered to collect only 70%, they are insisting us to pay full 100% fee. we do not know what to do, we all are facing lot of problems due to covid19 and the lockdown, we do not know what to do.

  9. Raghu km says:

    Now they are asking make a full payment not giving option for quarterly payment 2021-22. Also they not following Govt orders, last year payment should be 70% they should charge but they taken full of amount and saying we didn’t received any notice from govt. Pls reduce the school fees and give option for quarterly payment it would help all the parents.

  10. Triveni says:

    Dear Education Officer,
    My self Triveni I’m from Marathalli Bangalore , I have 2 daughters studying in private school and this year the school as increased the fees. but our situation is very worst , we lost job last year and not been paid and also in y family all 4 of them found positive and admitted in hospital and we have spent 4lakhs. And now the school is asking for fees and they have increased. and they are not concerned about the covid situation and parents situation. We request the govt to take necessary actions on the schools who are asking for more fees. We cant raise voice because our kids may targeted . Behalf of all the parents we request the govt should sent a circular to the private schools to ensure they hike fees during this situation. This is our humble request and please help us in this time.

  11. Triveni says:

    Last year also they have taken full fees not reduced even 1 rupees as per the govt order the fees should be 70% they should charge but they taken full fees.

  12. Unknown says:

    SChools are demanding donation to admit kids to class1 is it leagal?
    If not how can get support from government to get justice against this.

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