Parents – How to raise complaint against Unjustified School Fee?

We are sharing here information for Parents whose kids study in Private schools at Karnataka. As a parent, if you believe that your kids’ school is demanding unfair, unjustified fee and blocking education to your kids than you may continue to read this article. As per Karnataka Government Circular 32544 dated 24-Apr-2020, another on dated […]

#SchoolFee: Parents Attempts, Actions and Outcomes To Get Justice

Background: Vibgyor school blocked access to online classes for many kids on 5th August. One of the parent felt bad and shared his thoughts at . Many parents connected with the tale of a father and daughter. Some parents have already been fighting for their rights with the school hence like-minded parents started getting […]

My daughter’s education. Am I bad parent?

This is the tale of a father who feels bad that his daughter has to suffer due to greed of private schools (VIBGYOR in this case). Despite willingness to pay un-hiked tuition fee, school has been adamant on charges for which there is no service whatsoever. School is not ready to even follow Govt directive and in all this nuisance, kids are suffering. Do share your comments and share widely if you also connect with it.