Welcome to VicharPravah (Flow of Thoughts)…

One can find here thoughts (Vichar in Hindi) which might affect or change lives, society and culture. We believe that life is outcome of our thoughts. We do what we think or believe in. Our life revolves around the thoughts we have at that moment and even our destiny is usually decided by our thoughts. Thoughts also have a sound impression on our personality. Whether we realize it or not but our mind is thinking one or other thing all the time. Thoughts can be termed as good or bad depending on what action we take based on the thoughts. Irrespective of its kind, each and every thought has power to change individual life, society and cultures.

In Hindu Dharma, donation of knowledge is considered as most powerful donation. It is well noted that if you give someone food, clothes, money, the person can use it for sometime but if you provide him/her knowledge then it lasts lifetime and one can use this knowledge to make his/her life financially, spiritually, and socially secure.

Let thoughts flow…

Brief about Founder of Vichar Pravah:

Hariprakash Agrawal

Hariprakash (Hari) is the Founder and CEO of RideAlly Travels (Started in 2015), a company that is transforming commutes by providing safe, secure, and GUARANTEED CABS services in multiple cities in India.

Hari is also the director at OpCord (Optimizing with Coordination) started in year 2009 and served >30 customers (Including Fortune 500) in the area of agile transformation, testing and test automation services. OpCord was among 15 Emerging Companies in India in 2012 by Nasscom for its remarkable growth.

He has a patent on test automation and built TestOptimizer product (An Excel based Test Automation Framework) based on the patent. 

In his 24+ years of career, he has worked with many organizations e.g. Mavenir, Commscope, Visionet, Cisco, PayPal, ABB, Freescale, MindTree, STMicroelectronics and Sharp and few more. He has mentored, coached, and trained thousands of professionals on agile methodologies, OKR, project management, product quality, and CMMi.

He has an M Tech degree from IIT Kharagpur and BE from MBM, Jodhpur. You may connect with him at LinkedIn, in.linkedin.com/in/hariprakash/

He is an active volunteer, social worker and have served many NGOs, like, Rotary Club, BSPIN, Suncity Apartments Associations (1300+ flats), ASCI, Alumni Association, Orphanages etc.